There are tons of different ways to backup your personal and critical computer files in the Twenty First Century. You can use a home server, cloud server, external hard drive, internal hard drive on another computer, CDs, DVDs and much more. You no longer have any excuse to lose all your files, programs and software if you simply take the necessary precautions to protect them using a backup drive of your choice. While many people have external hard drives in their homes or offices and have for quite some time, now there are a large portion of consumers paying monthly or yearly fees to backup their personal and critical files on cloud servers. A cloud server is basically a server that someone else owns and allows consumers to use for a fee. The great thing about these types of servers is that they are accessible from a computer anywhere in the world as long as it has Internet access. In our directory on backup we will offer up detailed information on each way you can backup your drivers, files and utilities as well as the benefits and drawbacks for each. You will also find resources and reviews on the different companies who provide backup services. Our directory will even contain direct links to websites that sell external backup drives and cloud companies that offer different levels of backup services for companies and consumers. Make sure you use our directory so that your utilities and drivers and safe, sound and backed up

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